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Gain real-time insights into your Redur Spanish deliveries or international shipments with Redur Tracking! Our user-friendly online platform allows you to follow your package’s journey seamlessly, from pick-up at the origin to its final destination. Simply enter your tracking number and gain valuable information on its location, including sorting facilities, customs clearance, and estimated delivery dates. Stay informed about any potential delays and receive notifications when your package reaches key milestones, ensuring a smooth delivery experience with Redur Express.

How can I check the current status of my Redur shipments?

Checking the current status of your Redur shipments is quick and easy! Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a delivery or just want to stay informed about your package’s progress, our user-friendly tracking system has you covered. With these simple steps, you can easily check the current status of your Redur shipments and stay informed throughout the delivery process. Here’s a simple guide to help you track your Redur shipments:

  • Find your tracking number: The first step is to locate your unique Redur tracking number. This alphanumeric code is assigned to your package and serves as its digital identifier throughout its journey.
  • Enter your tracking number: Once you’ve found your Redur tracking number, simply enter it into our online tracking tool.
  • Get real-time updates: The tracking system generates real-time updates on your package’s status. From pick-up to delivery, you’ll receive notifications on its current location, estimated delivery time, and any important milestones along the way.

Redur Tracking Number

The Redur tracking number is a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each package, serving as its key throughout its journey. This tracking number plays a crucial role in allowing customers to monitor the status and whereabouts of their shipments in real time. It acts as a key that unlocks access to detailed information about the package’s movements, including its pick-up, transit, and delivery stages. With the Redur tracking number, customers can easily track their packages’ progress and stay informed about any delays or updates along the way, ensuring a smooth and transparent shipping experience.

To find your Redur tracking number, simply look for it near the barcode on your package receipt after shipping. The format and length of the Redur tracking number may vary depending on factors such as the package’s origin and destination, as well as the specific service used for shipping. Typically, Redur Spain tracking numbers are composed of letters and numbers, ranging between 8 and 40 characters long. They may include spaces or hyphens between groups of characters, making them easy to read and enter into the tracking system for accurate updates on the package’s status.

Redur Tracking

How many days does Redur typically need to deliver a package?

The delivery time for a Redur shipment can vary depending on factors such as the shipping option selected and the distance the package needs to travel. However, as a general guideline, you can typically expect your shipment to arrive within 1-3 business days if it’s being shipped within Spain. For shipments within Europe, the delivery timeframe is slightly longer, with packages usually arriving within 2–5 business days.

While these delivery estimates provide a good indication of when you can expect your package to arrive, it’s important to keep in mind that delivery times may vary depending on external factors such as weather conditions, customs clearance procedures, and unforeseen delays in transit.

Customer Service

Redur is dedicated to providing exceptional support to all customers, ensuring their needs are promptly and effectively addressed. Redur’s dedicated team is readily available to assist with any inquiries, concerns, or assistance customers may require. Whether customers have questions about services, need help tracking shipments, or require assistance with returns, Redur’s customer service representatives are always there to help.

Contact Information:

  • Phone Number: Customers can reach Redur Central Services at (+34) 916 20 46 10 for inquiries or assistance.
  • Email: For general inquiries or feedback, customers can contact Redur via email at [email protected].
  • Address: Customers preferring to visit in person or mail can find Redur’s headquarters at Carretera Algete-Madrid, Km 2.5, 28110 Algete, Madrid.

About Redur

The Redur Group, started by Angel Lozano in 1967, has accomplished many things over the years. In 1973, they opened their first office in Zaragoza, and in 1976, they began a speedy road service between Madrid and Zaragoza. By 1984, they had their own network of hubs and depots. In 1990, they officially launched as a brand. Then, in 2005, they expanded to Portugal with Redur Portugal. In 2008, they started offering international transport services. They’ve continued to grow, introducing new services like Pharma 15º-25º Shipping in 2015 and obtaining TAPA security certification in 2020. In 2021, they got a new look with a fresh logo and website. Now, led by the second generation of the Lozano family, they’re moving forward toward a digital, sustainable future.


Redur offers a comprehensive solution for all your shipping needs. With a user-friendly Redur tracking system, you can easily monitor your packages’ progress every step of the way, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. Their efficient delivery services ensure that your packages arrive promptly, whether you’re shipping within Spain or across Europe. Plus, their dedicated customer service team is always on hand to provide assistance and address any inquiries or concerns you may have. With Redur, tracking, delivery services, and customer satisfaction are all top priorities, making them the ideal choice for all your shipping needs.