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Track your Chilean and international Correos Chile deliveries effortlessly with Correos Chile Tracking! This user-friendly online tool lets you monitor your package’s journey from the origin post office to your doorstep for domestic deliveries or the international arrival facility. Simply enter your tracking number to get valuable information about your package’s current location, including sorting centers and customs clearance for international shipments. Stay informed throughout the entire delivery process with estimated delivery dates.

How can I track my shipments with Correos Chile?

Tracking your shipments with Correos Chile is easy and designed to keep you updated every step of the way. Whether it’s a domestic delivery or an international package, you can easily monitor its journey and know exactly when it will arrive. Tracking your package is as simple as a few clicks, keeping you informed from start to finish. Here’s a simple guide to tracking your shipments:

  1. Find your tracking number: The Correos Chile Tracking number is provided when you send a package or receive a confirmation email from Correos de Chile. It’s your key to accessing the tracking information.
  2. Enter your tracking number: Visit the website and locate the Correos Chile Tracking section. Input your Correos Chile Tracking tracking number into the designated field.
  3. Check your package status: Click the “Track” button to view the latest updates on your package’s location and estimated delivery time.

Correos Chile Tracking Number

A Correos Chile tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to your package, allowing you to monitor its progress in real time. Think of it as your package’s passport, detailing every stop it makes along the way. You can find your Correos de Chile tracking number on your shipping receipt or in the confirmation email. Keep this number handy, as it’s essential for checking the status of your package and ensuring it arrives safely at its destination.

The tracking number format for Correos de Chile consists of a series of numbers and letters ranging from 13 to 23 characters. The Correos Chile Tracking Number can be purely numeric, such as “12841500007 000200564993”, or include letters at the beginning and end, like “EB033979713IT”. This combination ensures each package has a unique identifier for accurate tracking.

Correos Chile Tracking

How long does Correos Chile usually take to deliver a package?

Correos de Chile is known for its efficient delivery times, ensuring your packages reach their destinations promptly. The delivery timeframe varies depending on whether the shipment is domestic or international.

Domestic Shipping:

For deliveries within Chile:

  • Standard Delivery: Packages typically arrive within 1 to 2 working days.
  • Express Delivery: Same-day delivery is available for intra-city shipments, ensuring urgent packages reach their destinations quickly.

International Shipping:

For international deliveries:

  • Standard Delivery: Packages usually take between 8 to 12 days to arrive.
  • Correos de Chile partners with renowned distribution companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx, and ServiExpress to ensure timely deliveries worldwide.
  • Maximum Weight: Users can send packages up to 50 kg internationally, coordinating the shipping process through the official website.

These timeframes are estimates, and actual delivery times may vary based on customs procedures and other factors. Regularly checking your tracking number will provide the most accurate updates.

Customer Service

Correos de Chile is committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed promptly. Whether you need help tracking your package or have other inquiries, their customer service team is ready to assist you. You can contact them through the following channels:

  • Main Office: Plaza de Armas 989, Santiago
  • Phone: 600 950 2020 / +56 2 2956 03 03
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website: Fill out an electronic form for inquiries and receive a response via email.

Additionally, Correos de Chile is active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, making it easy to reach out and stay connected.

About Correos Chile

Correos de Chile, established on December 24, 1981, is a public company responsible for managing all postal services in Chile, both domestically and internationally. Operating under the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications of Chile, it adheres to the Universal Postal Service regulations.

The history of postal services in Chile dates back to 1747, when Spain first introduced correspondence services. In 1852, postal legislation unified mail and telegraph services under one institution, the Servicio de Correos y Telégrafos. Correos de Chile, as we know it today, was formally established in 1984, marking a significant advancement in postal services within the country. The company quickly expanded, setting up the first post office in Chile and even establishing the southernmost post office in Villa Las Estrellas, located in the Chilean Antarctic Territory.

Correos de Chile has continually modernized its services. In 1999, it launched the first Postal Technology Center to enhance mail distribution. In 2009, the introduction of a new CEP plant improved courier, express, and parcel delivery services. In 2012, Correos de Chile introduced an advanced network of automatic parcel terminals, the APT network, operating through the CityBox system, and spreading throughout Chile and Latin America.


Correos Chile Tracking makes it easy to stay informed about your shipments, whether they are headed across town or around the world. With a simple tracking process, a reliable Correos Chile tracking number system, and efficient delivery times, you can rest assured that your packages are in good hands. Should you need any assistance, Correos de Chile’s dedicated customer service team is always ready to help.