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Wondering where your SiCepat package is on its Indonesian route? Don’t stress! SiCepat Tracking lets you become your delivery detective quickly. With our user-friendly online platform, you get all the info you need. Just enter a few details to uncover the location of your package. Seamlessly track your shipment from start to finish within the SiCepat network, focusing on domestic deliveries throughout Indonesia. You’ll get updates on current locations, including sorting centers and estimated delivery dates. Stay informed every step of the way with SiCepat Express Tracking, ensuring your deliveries are smooth, transparent, and stress-free.

How do I check the status of my SiCepat Express delivery?

Tracking your SiCepat Express delivery is incredibly straightforward. With just a few simple steps, you can keep tabs on your package’s journey. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Find your tracking number: This number is usually provided by the sender or available in the confirmation email.
  2. Enter your tracking number: Go to our tracking page on our website.
  3. View your shipment status: Enter the SiCepat tracking number and click on “Track.” You’ll get the latest updates on your package.

Tracking your package has never been easier. Now you can relax and enjoy knowing exactly where your parcel is and when it will arrive.

SiCepat Tracking Number

The SiCepat Tracking Number is like your package’s passport, allowing you to follow its journey from start to finish. This unique identifier helps both the sender and receiver stay updated on the package’s location and estimated delivery time. Understanding your SiCepat tracking number is key to making the most of SiCepat’s tracking services.

You can find your SiCepat tracking number in several places. It’s usually included in the shipping confirmation email or provided by the sender. The format typically consists of a series of numbers, often 12 digits, but it can range between 9 and 20 digits and might include letters. With the SiCepat Tracking number, you can easily monitor your package’s progress.

SiCepat Tracking

How long does SiCepat typically take to deliver?

SiCepat offers various delivery options to suit your needs. The delivery times depend on the service you choose and the destination. Here’s a quick rundown of the different services:

  • SAME DAY: Delivery within 8 hours for major cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. Make sure to drop off your package before 12:59 PM.
  • SiUntung: Delivery within 15 hours in regions like Jabodetabek and Bandung.
  • BEST (Besok Sampai Tujuan): Next-day delivery across major Indonesian cities.
  • Halu: Delivery within 1 to 3 days in all cities across Indonesia.
  • Gokil: For larger packages (10 kg and up), delivery takes 1 to 3 days within Indonesia.
  • H3lo: Delivery within 1 to 3 days across Java and Bali.
  • COD: 8-hour delivery in cities like Jakarta and Yogyakarta.
  • SiCepat GO!: Delivery times vary depending on the destination country.

You can choose the service that suits your schedule and needs with ease. Whether it’s expedited delivery, standard shipping, or specialized handling, Southwest Airlines Cargo provides options to track your shipment’s journey from pickup to delivery, ensuring transparency and peace of mind throughout the process.

Customer Service

SiCepat prides itself on excellent customer service, ready to assist you with any inquiries or issues. Their dedicated team is available to ensure your shipping experience is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Here’s how you can get in touch:

  • Phone: For immediate assistance, call +62 21 5020 0050.
  • Company Telephone: 021-3020-5050
  • WhatsApp: Chat with them at 0812 9966 6088.
  • Email: Send detailed inquiries to [email protected].
  • Address: BTN Tower 2 Fl. 10, 11, 12, and 15, Jalan HR Rasuna Said Superblock II Kuningan Persada Area, Guntur Village/Subdistrict, Kec. Setiabudi, City Adm. South Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province.
  • Social Media: Reach out on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for quick responses and updates.

About SiCepat Express

Founded in 2014 by Kim Hai, SiCepat Express has rapidly grown into a leading logistics and transport company in Indonesia. Based in Jakarta, SiCepat operates nationwide and has extended its reach to other Asian countries, Australia, and beyond. The company boasts over a hundred collection points in Indonesia and more than 10,000 employees.

In 2019, SiCepat won the “Best Growth Strategy in Logistic Industry” award, highlighting its exceptional growth and innovation. CEO Kim Hai has also received several accolades for his leadership, particularly during the COVID-19 crisis. SiCepat’s commitment to customer satisfaction and efficient delivery services has made it a trusted name in the logistics industry.


To wrap it up, SiCepat Tracking is your go-to tool for keeping an eye on your packages. With a range of delivery options, excellent customer service, and easy-to-use tracking, you can be confident that your parcels are in good hands. Whether you’re sending or receiving, SiCepat makes sure your items reach their destination safely and on time.