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Keep a close eye on your LTL freight shipment with ease using Old Dominion Freight Line Tracking! Our state-of-the-art online tools allow you to track your OD shipment’s progress in real-time, from origin to final destination across the United States and Canada. Simply enter your tracking number or bill of lading (BOL) number and gain valuable insights like its current location, including terminals, estimated delivery dates, and any potential delays. Stay informed throughout the freight shipping process with ODFL Tracking, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for your domestic LTL shipments.

How can I check the whereabouts of my Old Dominion Freight Line shipments?

To track your Old Dominion Freight Line shipments and stay informed about their whereabouts, follow these simple steps:

• Find your tracking number: Locate the Old Dominion Freight Line tracking number provided to you by Old Dominion Freight Line. This unique identifier is essential for tracking your shipment.
• Enter your tracking number: Once you have your Old Dominion Freight Line tracking number, visit our website to enter the tracking number into the designated field.
• See results: After entering your tracking number, hit the “Track” button to view the current status and location of your shipment. You’ll receive real-time updates on its journey until it reaches its destination. Stay informed and plan accordingly with Old Dominion Freight Line’s reliable tracking system.

Old Dominion Freight Line Tracking Number

Old Dominion Freight Line tracking numbers serve as unique identifiers for monitoring the status and whereabouts of shipments sent through the company’s services. These tracking numbers, typically 11 digits long, are assigned to each shipment upon its acceptance into Old Dominion Freight Line’s system. Through these numbers, customers can access real-time updates regarding the location, transit status, and estimated delivery time of their packages. Additionally, Old Dominion Freight Line utilizes a Pro Number, which is a numerical identifier consisting of 9–11 digits, providing another means for customers to track their shipments efficiently.

To locate your Old Dominion Freight Line tracking number, check the documentation provided at the time of shipment. The tracking number is usually included on the shipping label, invoice, or receipt issued by Old Dominion Freight Line. It can also be found in the confirmation email sent to you upon booking your shipment. The format of Old Dominion Freight Line tracking numbers typically consists of 11 digits, devoid of any letters or special characters. Examples include 21189875643, 44466245765, and 18385104476. Additionally, if you’re using the Pro Number for tracking, it will be displayed as a numeric sequence, ranging from 9 to 11 digits in length.

Old Dominion Freight Line Tracking

How long does Old Dominion Freight Line usually take to get a package to its destination?

When it comes to shipping, time is of the essence. Old Dominion Freight Line offers different services with varying delivery times to suit your needs. For domestic orders, packages are typically delivered within 1 to 5 business days. However, for international orders, it may take up to 10 business days to reach their destination, with the possibility of extending to 30 business days depending on the destination. Remember, transit times are approximate and may vary based on various factors. Transit times vary based on origin, destination, and day of the week shipped. Service days exclude pickup days and weekends.

Customer Service

Do you have a question or need assistance with your shipment? Fear not! Old Dominion’s friendly customer service team is here to help. You can reach them at:

  • Customer Service number: 1-800-235-5569, available Monday to Friday, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET.
  • Corporate Office: 1-800-432-6335 or (336) 889-5000.
  • Address: Old Dominion Freight Line, Inc., 500 Old Dominion Way, Thomasville, NC 27360.

About Old Dominion Freight Line

The Old Dominion Freight Line started way back in 1934 with just one truck in Virginia. Over the years, it has become a big player in the transportation industry, with over 20,000 employees and a massive fleet of trucks and trailers spanning numerous service centers. Old Dominion specializes in less-than-truckload (LTL) services, offering a wide range of shipping options from local to international destinations. To keep up with modern times, Old Dominion heavily invests in technology to improve tracking, tracing, and overall efficiency. They prioritize quick transportation, including weekend deliveries and special services for urgent shipments.


Tracking your shipments with Old Dominion Freight Line is simple. The Old Dominion Freight Line tracking system lets you keep tabs on your packages effortlessly. When it comes to delivery, you can trust Old Dominion to get your items to their destination on time, every time. And if you ever run into any issues or have questions, their helpful customer service team is just a phone call away.