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Monitor your Sagawa LTL or domestic Japanese shipment with ease using Sagawa Tracking! Our online tracking tool allows you to follow your package’s adventure in real-time, from origin to final destination within Japan. Simply enter your tracking number and gain valuable insights like its location, including sorting facilities and potential delays. Stay informed throughout the delivery process with Sagawa Express Tracking, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for your domestic freight movement within Japan.

What procedures should I follow to monitor my Sagawa Express deliveries?

So, you’re excitedly anticipating your Sagawa Express delivery, but you want to keep tabs on its progress. No worries! Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you track your package:

  • Find your tracking number: This is like your package’s ID. Look for it on your receipt or shipping confirmation email.
  • Enter your tracking number: Once you’ve found your tracking number, head to our website or tracking platform and enter it into the designated tracking tool.
  • Stay updated: Check the tracking information regularly to see where your package is and when it’s expected to arrive. From preparing for shipment to transiting to the destination, you’ll be kept in the loop every step of the way.

Sagawa Tracking Number

Let’s talk about Sagawa Express tracking numbers. So, what’s a Sagawa Express tracking number, and how does it help you? Think of it like a special code just for your package. It’s kind of like your package’s ID. This number helps you follow your package’s journey from where it starts to where it ends. Every time your package moves, this number gets updated with the latest information, so you always know where your package is.

Now, let’s talk about where to find your Sagawa tracking number and what it looks like. You usually get your Sagawa tracking number when you send or receive a package. Look for it on your receipt, in an email, or sometimes right on the package itself. The Sagawa tracking number is 12 numbers long and doesn’t have any letters. Keep this number safe because it’s how you can keep an eye on your package as it travels.

Sagawa Tracking

Sagawa Express Logistics Services

Sagawa Express is dedicated to providing top-notch transportation solutions and reliable tracking services, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. Safety and environmental responsibility are at the core of Sagawa Express’s operations. Here are some services, as follows:

  • Hikyaku Courier Service: Reliable delivery for packages up to 160 cm and 30 kg, available every day.
  • Same-Day Delivery Service: Prompt delivery within urban areas thanks to Sagawa’s extensive transportation network.
  • Hikyaku International Courier Service: Seamless door-to-door delivery to over 220 countries worldwide.
  • Hikyaku Oversized Courier Service: Specialized handling for packages exceeding standard dimensions, up to 260 cm and 50 kg.

Customer Service

Let’s talk about Sagawa’s customer service! If you have any questions or need help with your delivery, don’t worry. Sagawa’s friendly customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about tracking your package or need assistance with anything else, Sagawa’s customer service team is just a phone call away. Don’t hesitate to reach out! Here’s a quick summary:

  • Phone number: 0120-18-9595
  • Business hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (Monday–Friday)
  • Closed: Weekends and Public Holidays

About Sagawa Express

Sagawa is a company started by Kiyoshi Sagawa in 1957. It focuses on delivery and shipping services, playing a big role in logistics. As globalization has grown, the company has adapted by creating its own logistics system to meet the needs of customers. This includes a tracking system called Sagawa tracking Japan.

Safety is a priority for Sagawa, along with respecting the environment and providing high-quality service on time. Since its beginning, Sagawa has worked hard to improve its services, starting with its first package delivery between Kyoto and Osaka.


Sagawa Tracking offers a seamless tracking experience to keep you updated on your deliveries every step of the way. With their reliable delivery services and dedicated customer support team, you can trust Sagawa to handle your packages with care and provide assistance whenever you need it. Whether you’re tracking a package, inquiring about delivery times, or seeking help with any aspect of your shipment, Sagawa’s commitment to excellent service ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for all customers.