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Following your ABX Express package across Southeast Asia or beyond is easy! Our user-friendly online tracking tool allows you to unveil your shipment’s journey in real time, from origin to final destination. Simply enter your tracking number and gain valuable insights like its location, including sorting facilities, customs clearance, and estimated delivery dates. Stay informed throughout the delivery process with ABX Express Tracking, ensuring a smooth and transparent experience for your domestic and international shipments.

Which steps do I need to take to track my ABX Express shipments?

Tracking your ABX Express shipments is a straightforward process that puts you in control of your package’s journey every step of the way. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a delivery or just want to keep tabs on your shipment’s progress, our user-friendly tracking system makes it easy to stay informed. By following these simple steps, you can easily track your ABX Express shipments and stay informed throughout the delivery process. Here’s a quick guide on how to track your ABX Express shipments:

  • Find your tracking number: The first step in tracking your ABX Express shipment is to locate your unique tracking number. This alphanumeric code is assigned to your package and serves as its digital fingerprint throughout its journey.
  • Enter your tracking number: Once you’ve found your ABX Express tracking number, simply enter it into our online tracking tool. This can typically be found on our website, providing you with instant access to your shipment’s status.
  • Get real-time updates: Our tracking system generates real-time updates on your shipment’s whereabouts. From its origin to its final destination, you’ll receive notifications on its current location, estimated delivery time, and any important milestones along the way.

ABX Express Tracking Number

The ABX Express tracking number is your way of staying updated on the status of your shipment. It’s a unique alphanumeric code assigned to each package, serving as a digital identifier that allows you to track its journey from start to finish and provides valuable insights into its whereabouts and progress along the way. With your ABX Express tracking number in hand, you can easily monitor your shipment’s movement, whether it’s on its way to your doorstep or passing through sorting facilities and customs clearance checkpoints.

Finding your ABX Express tracking number is simple. Typically, you’ll receive it upon completing your shipment booking, either through an email confirmation or printed on your shipping label. Additionally, you can find your tracking number on any official documentation provided by ABX Express, such as receipts or invoices. The format of ABX Express tracking numbers typically consists of 10 to 15 alphanumeric characters, though this may vary depending on the specific KEX Express service chosen for your shipment.

ABX Express Tracking

What is the standard delivery duration for ABX Express shipments?

The standard delivery duration for ABX Express shipments varies depending on the destination and the type of service selected. Within Malaysia, ABX Express offers speedy delivery options to suit different needs. For deliveries within coverage areas, customers can expect their packages to arrive within 1-3 days, with the convenience of next-working-day delivery available. Even in outskirt areas, ABX Express strives to deliver within 2-3 standard delivery days.

For international deliveries, ABX Express typically delivers within a range of 7 to 21 working days. With a maximum weight limit of 25kg and maximum dimensions of 55cm x 55cm x 55cm, ABX Express accommodates a wide range of parcel sizes. Additionally, the company offers various delivery options to cater to different preferences and timelines, including priority, next-day, second-day, and express delivery services.

Customer Service

ABX Express’s customer satisfaction is its top priority. Its friendly customer service team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns. Here’s how you can reach them:

  • Hotline Number: Give them a call at +603-808-43111 for immediate assistance.
  • Email Address: Drop them a line at [email protected].
  • Instagram/Facebook: Follow them on social media @abxexpressmy for news, updates, and customer support.

About ABX Express

ABX Express (M) SDN. BHD., also known as ABX Express, is a logistics solution and delivery service company established in East Malaysia in 1984. With over 30 years of experience as a courier provider, ABX Express has more than 3,000 employees, more than 2,500 operating vehicles around Malaysia, and over 100 branch offices nationwide. ABX Express has sectors in Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-to-Customers (B2C), Customer-to-Customer (C2C), and Cross-Border Solutions with a specialty in last-mile deliveries as well as adding value to the clientele’s products and services.


With ABX Express Tracking, keeping an eye on your shipments is easy. From tracking your package’s journey to enjoying fast and reliable delivery services, they’ve got you covered every step of the way. And with its friendly customer service team always ready to help, you can ship with confidence knowing they’ve got your back.