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Monitor your Colis Privé delivery in France or internationally with ease! Our user-friendly online tracking tool allows you to follow your parcel’s journey in real time, from pick-up at the origin to its final destination. Simply enter your tracking number and gain valuable insights, like its location, including sorting centers and depots. Stay informed about estimated delivery dates and any potential delays. Colis Privé Tracking keeps you connected throughout the delivery process, ensuring a smooth experience for your domestic and international shipments.

How can I monitor my Colis Prive shipments?

When it comes to tracking your Colis Privé shipments, you have several convenient options available. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a package or need to keep tabs on its whereabouts, Colis Privé offers user-friendly tracking tools to ensure a smooth and transparent delivery experience. To begin monitoring your Colis Privé shipment, follow these simple steps:

  • Find your tracking number: Locate the Colis Prive tracking number provided to you by the sender of your package. This unique identifier is essential for accessing detailed tracking information.
  • Enter your tracking number: Head to the website using your preferred web browser. Once on the website, navigate to the designated tracking section and enter your Colis Prive tracking number into the provided field.
  • View your shipment status: After entering your Colis Prive tracking number, Colis Privé retrieves real-time updates on your shipment’s journey. You’ll be able to see the current status of your package, including its location and estimated delivery time.

With these straightforward steps, you can easily monitor your Colis Privé shipments and stay informed every step of the way. Whether your package is en route or out for delivery, Colis Privé’s tracking tools ensure that you’re always in the loop.

Colis Prive Tracking Number

The Colis Privé tracking number serves as a unique identifier assigned to each parcel, enabling customers to monitor their shipment’s progress throughout its journey. Colis Prive tracking number plays a crucial role in providing real-time updates on the status and location of the package, ensuring transparency and relaxation for both senders and recipients. With Colis Prive tracking number, customers can access detailed information about their package, including its current whereabouts, estimated delivery time, and any relevant delivery updates.

To locate your Colis Privé tracking number, you can refer to the shipping confirmation email or receipt provided by the sender of your package. Additionally, if you’re the sender, you can find the tracking number on the shipping label affixed to the parcel. The tracking number format for Colis Privé packages typically consists of 12 to 16 digits. It’s essential to accurately enter this tracking number into the designated tracking tool on the Colis Privé website or mobile app.

Colis Prive Tracking

What’s the usual duration for Colis Prive to deliver a package?

When it comes to the typical duration for Colis Privé to deliver a package, it varies depending on the destination and whether it’s an international shipment. If you’re shipping internationally with Colis Privé, they usually pass the package to another courier, except for shipments to Belgium. Within 24 to 48 hours of ordering, Colis Privé hands off your package to the designated courier. However, the actual delivery time depends on the courier handling your package. For international packages originating from Europe, it typically takes about 14 business days to arrive at the destination. It’s important to note that delivery times may be subject to delays caused by various factors, such as weather events, national holidays, weekends, and operational backlogs

Customer Service

If you’re reaching out on behalf of someone else, you can still get help from Colis Privé’s customer service team. Whether you’re sending, receiving, or helping someone else, its customer service team is here to make sure you have a positive experience with Colis Privé. Here’s how you can contact them:

  • Free Helpline: If you’re in Belgium, you can call its free helpline at +32 0 800 35 261 for help with any inquiries or concerns.
  • Phone: Give them a call at 0800 25 945 if you’re in Belgium, or dial +32 22 01 23 45 for international calls.
  • Email: Send them an email at [email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance.
  • Twitter: Reach out to them on Twitter at @bjr_colisprive for quick assistance and updates.

About Colis Prive

Colis Privé began its operations in 2003 and has since experienced significant growth. With a track record of delivering over 65 million packages in France and Belgium, Colis Privé has established itself as a reliable and efficient parcel delivery service provider. Known for their swift delivery times, packages typically arrive within 1 to 2 days after ordering, showcasing their commitment to timely service.

In 2006, Adrexo initially focused on advertising distribution and expanded into the realm of home deliveries. However, in 2012, a portion of Adrexo’s business was sold, leading to the formation of Colis Privé. Colis Privé has become synonymous with speedy deliveries, whether to customers’ homes or nearby pickup points.

In 2018, Colis Privé became part of the HOPPS group, and in 2021, they introduced the Colis Privé Store, further enhancing their capabilities in facilitating deliveries from online stores to customers’ doorsteps. With a license allowing them to utilize mailboxes for package delivery, Colis Privé ensures convenience for recipients. They boast a widespread network of delivery personnel and sorting facilities across France, ensuring efficient and smooth deliveries.


Colis Privé stands out as a top choice for parcel delivery services, offering a range of convenient features to ensure a seamless experience for customers. With efficient Colis Prive tracking systems in place, recipients can easily monitor the progress of their packages from order to delivery. Colis Privé’s swift delivery services, often within 1 to 2 days, demonstrate their commitment to timely service. Additionally, their customer service team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or concerns, providing support through various channels such as email, phone, and social media. Overall, Colis Privé’s dedication to reliability, convenience, and customer satisfaction makes them a trusted partner for both senders and recipients alike.