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Are you finding the best method to track your LaserShip packages? We make it easy with LaserShip Tracking! It’s an effortless solution for staying informed about your shipments. Our tracking tool is incredibly user-friendly, crafted to ensure your shipping experience is smooth sailing. Simply input your tracking number and receive instant updates on your package’s whereabouts. No more stress, just smooth navigation with LaserShip!

How Do You Track Your Lasership Parcel?

So, you’ve ordered something exciting, and now you’re waiting for it to arrive! But don’t worry, tracking your Lasership parcel is super easy. Here’s how:

  • Find your tracking number: Look in your order confirmation email or on the shipping label for your tracking number.
  • Enter your tracking number: Go to the Lasership website or use their app. Enter your tracking number, and you’ll see where your parcel is.
  • Stay updated: Keep checking back to see where your package is. It’s like following a treasure map, but for your delivery!

What’s a lasership tracking number and how does it work?

A lasership tracking number is like a special code for your parcel. It helps you know where your package is at all times. It’s usually made up of letters and numbers, and you can find it on your order confirmation or shipping label.

Where Can I Find a Lasership Tracking Number?

You can usually find your Lasership tracking number in your order confirmation email or on the shipping label stuck to your package. It’s a unique code that helps Lasership keep track of your parcel as it travels to you.

What Does a Lasership Tracking Number Look Like?

LaserShip numbers serve as unique identifiers for your parcels during transit. They typically consist of 10–19 characters, with a combination of two letters followed by a string of numbers. Common prefixes like “1LS”, “LS”, “LX”, or “BN” provide additional context to the tracking process. While most tracking numbers adhere to this format, some may extend beyond 10 characters and incorporate more alphabetic characters. For instance, a tracking number might appear as “1LS1234567890” or “BNAB12345678.”

LaserShip Tracking

Transit Time

Your parcel usually arrives within 2 to 4 working days. If it’s traveling across the country, it might take up to 5 days. But if you’re in a hurry, Lasership offers express delivery for next-day or even same-day service!

LaserShip’s Delivery Options

LaserShip wants to make sure your packages arrive when you need them. They offer different types of delivery services to suit your needs:

  1. Same-day delivery: If you’re in a rush, LaserShip has your back! They provide same-day delivery for packages that need to reach you urgently within their service area. You can even schedule pickups until late in the day, and deliveries will be made until 9 pm. So, whether it’s a last-minute gift or an emergency replacement, LaserShip’s same-day delivery has you covered!
  2. Next-day delivery: Need your package by tomorrow? No worries! LaserShip offers next-day delivery services within their service area, covering the eastern and central regions of the United States. You get to choose from various delivery windows, including morning, afternoon, and evening. With next-day delivery, you can relax knowing your package will arrive right on time.
  3. Two-day delivery: Have a bit more time? LaserShip also provides two-day delivery services within their service area. Your package will arrive within two days, with delivery windows available in the morning or afternoon. It’s the perfect option when you need your package quickly but don’t require same-day or next-day delivery.

Customer Service

If you have any questions or need assistance, Lasership’s customer service team is here for you! You can reach them:

  • Phone Number: 1(804) 414-2590
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: 1912 Woodford Road, Vienna, VA 22182, United States

About LaserShip

LaserShip is a shipping company that operates in the eastern and midwestern regions of the US. Established in 1986 and headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, they specialize in ground, same-day, and overnight delivery services. With a network comprising over 60 facilities, LaserShip caters to the needs of both individuals and businesses, ensuring packages reach their destinations efficiently and on time.


Tracking your Lasership parcel is easy with LaserShip Tracking. From finding your tracking number to staying updated on your package’s journey, you’ve got all the tools you need to keep tabs on your eagerly awaited goodies. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand or have a burning question, Lasership’s friendly customer service team is just a call or email away. They’re here to ensure your parcel’s journey is as smooth as silk. So embrace the excitement of tracking your package and enjoy the thrill of watching it make its way to you.