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Interested in tracking your Wan Hai Lines container’s journey across the ocean? Our online tracking tool makes it simple. Just enter your container number, booking number, or bill of lading (BL) number, and you can follow your shipment in real-time as it travels the seas. Get updates on its location, including port calls, estimated arrival times, and any possible delays. With Wan Hai Lines tracking, you can stay informed and relaxed, enjoying a smooth sailing journey with reliable and transparent updates.

How can I track my package with Wan Hai Lines?

So, you’re waiting for your Wan Hai Lines package? Tracking it is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Get Your Tracking Number: Find the Wan Hai Lines tracking number Wan Hai Lines gave you when you shipped your package. It’s usually in your email or on your receipt.
  • Enter It Online: Go to our website and look for the tracking section. Put your Wan Hai Lines tracking number into the box and hit “Track” or “Submit.”
  • See Where It Is: The website will show you where your package is right now and when it’s expected to arrive. Keep checking back to see if there are any updates on your package’s journey.

Wan Hai Lines Tracking Number

Tracking a package means keeping an eye on it from when it’s sent until it reaches you. It helps both the sender and receiver know where the package is and when it’ll arrive. With Wan Hai Lines Tracking, you can find out when the package was sent, where it is now, and when it’s expected to arrive. This provides relaxation and ensures transparency throughout the shipping process.

To track a package with Wan Hai Lines, you’ll need a Wan Hai Lines tracking number given to you when the package is sent. You can usually find this number in your shipping confirmation email or receipt. Wan Hai Lines tracking numbers are a mix of letters and numbers in a specific format. It’s important to enter the tracking number correctly on the Wan Hai Lines website to get accurate updates about your package’s status.

Wan Hai Lines Tracking

Wan Hai Lines Shipping Services

As a premier shipping company, Wan Hai Lines is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable services to its customers worldwide. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, it strives to ensure that every shipment reaches its destination safely and on time. Their extensive network of routes covers both short-haul and long-haul destinations, ensuring comprehensive coverage across Asia and beyond.

  • Short-haul destinations: Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, and more.
  • Long-haul destinations: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, the Middle East, Egypt, the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and more.
  • Shipping agency: They proudly serve as the export/import general agent for a leading Norwegian car carrier shipping company, in Taiwan.

How Long Until My Package Arrives?

The estimated transit time for your Wan Hai Lines package depends on several factors, including:

  • Origin and destination: The distance between the starting and ending points obviously plays a significant role. Shipping across continents will naturally take longer than a domestic shipment.
  • Chosen service: Wan Hai Lines offers different service levels with varying transit times. Consider factors like cost and urgency when making your selection.
  • Customs clearance: Depending on the contents of your package and the destination country’s regulations, customs clearance can add some extra time to the delivery process.

While the tracking information provides an estimated delivery date, keep in mind that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes cause delays.

Customer Service

Need help with your shipment? Wan Hai Lines has got you covered with its dedicated customer support team.

Phone: +886-2-25677961

Whether you have questions about tracking, need information on our services, or just want some general shipping advice, their team is here to assist you.

About Wan Hai Lines

Wan Hai started out by shipping raw logs to places like Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Then, it switched gears and got their first full-container ship, the MV “Ming Chun,” in July 1976. This got its container shipping services going between Taiwan and Japan, and soon enough, they were fully into container shipping.

By 1983, it had expanded to places like Kanto and Kansai, Japan, which made it a big deal in their shipping world. To make things even better for their Taiwanese customers in Southeast Asia, they stretched our reach to include South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam by 1989. Their focus on giving top-notch shipping service in Asia made it the third-largest carrier in Taiwan, with lots of trips and a huge network across the Far East.


Wan Hai Lines has got your back when it comes to tracking your packages, ensuring reliable delivery services, and providing top-notch customer support. With the easy-to-use Wan Hai Lines tracking system, speedy delivery times, and friendly customer service team, you can ship with confidence, knowing that your packages are in good hands. So, whether you’re sending a gift to a loved one or shipping goods for your business, trust Wan Hai Lines to make the process smooth and stress-free.