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Curious about when your Swiss Post package will come? You can easily find out using their online tracking tool. Just type in your Swiss Post tracking number and see where your package is in real-time, from when it leaves Switzerland until it reaches you. Get lots of updates on where it is, including when it’s being sorted and if it’s going through customs. With Swiss Post, you can stay relaxed, knowing exactly where your package is.

How to Track Swiss Post shipments?

So, you’ve placed your order, and now you’re excited to know where it is in the delivery process. Tracking your Swiss Post package is easy. Here are a few quick steps on how to do it:

  • Find your tracking number: Usually provided by the sender or can be found on your shipping confirmation email.
  • Enter your tracking number: Head to our website to enter your Swiss Post tracking number. Find the tracking number field and enter your tracking number.
  • Track your package: Once you’ve entered the Swiss Post tracking number, you’ll be able to see the current status and location of your package.

What is a Swiss Post Tracking number and how does it work?

A Swiss Post tracking number is a unique code assigned to your package, allowing you to monitor its journey from sender to recipient. But how does it work? Well, once your package is in the hands of Swiss Post, it is scanned at various points along its journey. Each scan updates the tracking information, allowing you to see exactly where your package is in real-time. So, whether it’s zipping through customs or out for delivery, you’ll be in the know every step of the way.

Where can I find my Swiss Post Tracking number?

You’re probably wondering where to find yours. Don’t worry; I am guiding you. Here are a few common places to locate your Swiss Post tracking number: The sender often includes the tracking number in the shipping confirmation email. If you made a purchase online, your tracking number may be displayed on the order confirmation page. If you’ve downloaded the Swiss Post app, you can find your tracking number in the “My Shipments” section. Keep an eye out in these places, and you’ll have your tracking number in no time! If you are still unable to find your tracking number, contact the customer service team.

What is the format of Swiss Post Tracking Number?

Swiss Post tracking numbers come in various formats, depending on the type of service used. Here are some common formats:

  • Parcels and Swiss-Express: 99.00.456456.45645676
  • Swiss-Courier: 97.00.00456456
  • Registered letters: 98.00.4y56456.45645676
  • Letters with Letter ID: 45645678.456456.456456769
  • Small consignments: 0034564567894564566
  • International consignments: AB456456789CH
  • Small package from Switzerland: RT456456785CH
  • Shipment from Switzerland: CA456456785CH

Approximate Delivery Times

Are you wondering how long it’ll take for your package to reach its destination? Keep in mind that these are estimates and actual delivery times may vary. Here’s a general overview of transit times:

  • Domestic: One to three business days, or several hours to a couple of days in transit.
  • Europe: Three to ten business days.
  • Other parts of the world: Ten to fifteen business days.
  • International: Three to ten working days for European countries, and up to 30 days for the rest of the world.
  • Letters: Delivered by A Mail on the next working day, including Saturdays.
  • PostPac Priority: Usually delivered the next working day.
Swiss Post Tracking

Swiss Post Delivery Services

Swiss Post offers a range of reliable delivery services for both domestic and international parcels. Whether you’re sending a package within Switzerland or to destinations around the world, Swiss Post ensures timely and efficient delivery.

Domestic Delivery Services

For domestic shipments, Swiss Post provides several options to suit your needs:

  • Post Pac Economy: This economical option delivers parcels within 3 working days (Monday to Friday).
  • PostPac Priority: Choose this standard delivery service for nextworking day delivery (Monday to Friday).
  • Swiss-Express “Moon”: For urgent deliveries, opt for this premium express service, guaranteeing delivery by 9 am on the next working day (Monday to Saturday).

International Delivery Services

Swiss Post also offers reliable international shipping options:

  • PostPac International Economy: This cost-effective choice delivers parcels abroad within 5 to more than 15 days, depending on the destination.
  • PostPac International Priority: Select this standard international shipping service.
  • Urgent Option: When urgent delivery is needed for product consignments abroad, Swiss Post offers this expedited service.

Regardless of whether your parcel is traveling domestically or internationally, Swiss Post ensures timely delivery to your desired destination. For more detailed information on services and pricing, please visit the Swiss Post website.

Customer Support

Need assistance with your Swiss Post shipment? Don’t worry; help is just a phone call or email away! Here’s how to get in touch with Swiss Post customer support:

  • Tel: +41 (0) 848 888 888
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Address: Post CH Ltd, Customer Service, Wankdorfallee 4, 3030 Bern

Whether you have a question about your tracking number or need assistance with delivery, Swiss Post customer support is here to help!

About Swiss Post

Swiss Post, alternatively referred to as Die Schweizerische Post or La Poste Suisse, stands as the national postal service of Switzerland. Being a government-owned entity, it operates with the aim of providing an extensive range of postal and logistical services, both domestically and globally. These services encompass traditional mail delivery, parcel shipping, express delivery, financial services, retail solutions, and e-commerce provisions. With its dedication to efficiency, reliability, and innovation, Swiss Post serves as a crucial link in connecting individuals, businesses, and public institutions across Switzerland and beyond.


Swiss Post Tracking provides an enjoyable tracking experience, ensuring you’re always in the loop about your package’s whereabouts. With a variety of delivery services catering to domestic and international needs, Swiss Post delivers with efficiency and reliability. Plus, their exceptional customer service is just a phone call or email away, ready to assist with any inquiries or concerns you may have. So whether you’re eagerly awaiting a special delivery or sending an important package, trust Swiss Post.