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Easily track your LWE shipment all the way from Asia to your doorstep! With our online tracking tool, you can monitor your package’s journey in real-time, from origin to final destination. Just enter your LWE tracking number to access valuable insights like its current location, including sorting facilities and customs clearance status if needed, along with estimated delivery dates. Stay updated on any possible delays and get notifications when your package reaches significant checkpoints, ensuring a hassle-free delivery experience with LWE Worldwide Express.

How can I track my LWE Logistics shipment?

Tracking your LWE Logistics package is easy with our user-friendly tracking system. Whether you’re eagerly anticipating a delivery or keeping tabs on a shipment, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Here’s a quick guide to help you track your package hassle-free:

  • Find Your Tracking Number: Your LWE tracking number is important to tracking your package. Look for this unique combination of letters and numbers on your shipping confirmation email or receipt. It’s usually located near the barcode.
  • Enter Your Tracking Number: Once you have your LWE tracking number handy, visit our website. You’ll find a designated field where you can enter your tracking number.
  • View Your Package Status: After entering your LWE tracking number, hit the “Track” button. You’ll instantly see the current status of your package, including its location and estimated delivery date.

LWE Tracking Number

LWE tracking numbers are essential in the shipping and logistics industry, acting as unique codes to identify packages as they move. These codes, usually a mix of letters and numbers, allow senders, carriers, and recipients to monitor their shipments’ status and whereabouts. With an LWE Tracking tracking number, people can get detailed updates on their package’s journey, from pickup to delivery.

Logistics WorldWide Express (LWE) uses tracking numbers to help track both local and international shipments. Each LWE tracking number is customized for the specific type of shipping and follows a unique format. For example, tracking numbers like EV456787650CN and UQ892678345SG show the range of formats used by LWE. Whether your package is traveling domestically or internationally, LWE’s tracking numbers ensure transparency and accountability throughout the shipping process.

LWE Tracking

LWE International Delivery Services

When it comes to sending packages around the world, there are International Express, International Parcels, and Postal Packets. These services fulfill various needs and preferences, ensuring that your shipments reach their destinations efficiently and reliably. Each service is designed to provide seamless shipping experiences with comprehensive tracking and delivery confirmation options.

  1. International Express: This is for when you need to send something quickly and safely. It goes straight from your door to the recipient’s door, with experts making sure everything goes smoothly. You can keep track of where your package is, and if you want, you can ask for proof that it was delivered.
  2. International Parcels: If you’re sending a small package and want it to get there on time without spending too much, this is the way to go. Your parcel will be delivered within a certain timeframe, and you can check its progress online for a reasonable price.
  3. Postal Packets: These are great for sending lightweight stuff that weighs less than 2kg. They’re a good choice if you want to keep costs down but still make sure your package gets to its destination quickly. You can even pay a little extra for extra services like online tracking and confirmation that it was delivered.

Customer Service

Logistics WorldWide Express (LWE) makes customer satisfaction its top priority. Its dedicated customer service team is here to assist you with any inquiries or concerns you may have regarding your shipments. Whether you need help tracking a package, resolving an issue, or simply have a question about its services, LWE is just a call or email away.



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About Logistics WorldWide Express (LWE)

Logistics Worldwide Express (LWE) stands out as a leading logistics provider in the Asia-Pacific market, specializing in comprehensive cross-border logistics and fulfillment solutions. With extensive networks spanning major cities across the Asia-Pacific region, LWE offers a diverse range of fulfillment options tailored to various service needs and destinations. These solutions can be personalized to meet specific business requirements.

Additionally, LWE has established collaborative partnerships with last-mile and postal service providers worldwide, covering over 200 countries across Europe, America, Oceania, and Southeast Asia. Whether it’s door-to-door deliveries, warehousing, postal packets, or freight forwarding, LWE serves as a one-stop end-to-end logistics partner for seamless operations.


When it comes to shipping, Logistics WorldWide Express (LWE) has you covered. Our simple tracking tool and your LWE tracking number keep you updated on your package’s whereabouts and delivery times. Count on us for reliable and timely deliveries; it’s what we do best. LWE’s friendly customer service team is here to help whenever you need it. Whether you have questions or encounter any issues, we’re just a phone call or email away. LWE prioritizes your satisfaction and will do whatever it takes to make sure your shipping experience is smooth sailing.