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Are you trying to find out where your Evri package is? Welcome to Evri Tracking, where we make it easy for you to keep an eye on your parcel. Our website is really simple to use, so you can quickly see where your package is at any time. No more stress about not knowing where your delivery is with Evri Tracking. Stay updated with real-time tracking updates!

How does Evri tracking work?

Evri Tracking allows users to monitor the status and location of their parcels in real-time. When you entrust your package to Evri Tracking, it is assigned a unique tracking number that serves as its digital identifier throughout the shipping process. To use the tracking tool effectively, follow these steps:

  • Find Your Tracking Number: If you’re unsure where to locate your tracking number, refer to the shipping confirmation email or receipt provided at the time of shipment.
  • Enter Your Tracking Number: Visit our website and locate the designated area where you can input your tracking number.
  • Monitor Your Parcel’s Progress: Once you’ve entered the tracking number, click on the “Track” button to access detailed information about your parcel’s journey, including its current location, estimated delivery time, and any significant updates along the way.

Evri Tracking Number

An Evri Tracking Number, also referred to as a parcel reference number, is a unique identifier assigned to each parcel sent through the Evri service. This number enables users to track their parcels in real-time throughout the shipping process. By entering this number into the Tracking field, customers can access detailed information about the current status and location of their parcel, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

To locate your Evri tracking number, check the label on your package, where it will be displayed as a 16-digit barcode. Additionally, you can find this number in the confirmation email you received upon booking your order. Alternatively, when you receive the parcel, the sender may provide you with the tracking number along with delivery information. Whether it’s on the package label, in your email inbox, or provided by the sender, the Evri Tracking Number is essential for tracking the progress of your parcel from dispatch to delivery.

Evri Tracking

How do I divert my parcel?

If you need to divert your parcel to a neighbor or a safe place, follow these steps:

  • Visit our parcel tracking page on the website.
  • Enter your parcel’s 16-digit tracking number and the delivery postcode.
  • View available delivery options based on the sender’s chosen service.
  • Depending on the service, you may be able to divert your parcel to a safe place or neighbor, or only to a neighbor.
  • Note: If the sender has requested a household signature, diverting your parcel may not be possible.

How do I send your parcel internationally?

Sending your parcel internationally from the UK is easy! Just follow these five steps when booking your parcel:

  1. Fill in the important information: Provide details such as the destination address, pickup location, dimensions, and weight of your parcel accurately.
  2. Choose your delivery type: Select whether you prefer ParcelShop, Locker, or Courier Collection to send your parcel, which will determine the pricing.
  3. Fill in your parcel’s details: Specify the contents and value of your parcel, and decide if you want to add extra cover for protection.
  4. Add in additional details: Include the precise address of your parcel, indicate if you want tracking updates for your recipient, and provide your return address, email, and phone number for communication purposes.
  5. The finishing touches: Once all details are filled out, proceed to pay for your parcel and print its delivery label for shipping. With everything set, your parcel is ready to go international!

How do I track an international parcel?

Evri provides parcel tracking for all international deliveries, just like we do for domestic ones. Here’s how it works:

  • Parcel tracking lets both the sender and receiver follow a package’s journey worldwide.
  • Once your parcel is scanned upon collection, whether from your doorstep or a parcel shop, you can start tracking its journey.
  • There’s no need to choose additional options or pay extra. International parcel tracking is included as standard.
  • Upon placing your order, you’ll receive a 16-digit tracking number.
  • To track your parcel, simply click here and enter your reference number.

Customer Service

For assistance, contact the Evri Customer Service team 24/7. Advisors are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm and Saturday from 8am to 2pm. You can speak to us directly or submit an inquiry, and expect a response within 24 hours or less.

  • Phone Number: Call us at 0330 808 5456
  • Hours of Operation:
  • Monday to Friday: 8am – 4pm
  • Saturday: 8am – 2pm

About Evri

Evri is a leading platform for delivering parcels, whether they’re within the country or around the globe. Headquartered in Morley, Leeds, United Kingdom, it handles a massive volume of parcels annually, totaling over 245 million. This makes it the largest consumer delivery platform in the region. With a focus on providing top-notch services, it offers features like real-time tracking, courier collection, package shops, and parcel lockers. You can count on it for flexible and affordable delivery options, ensuring your parcels reach you wherever you need them, whether it’s at home, work, or any other safe location of your choice.

Formerly known as Hermes, Evri underwent a significant transformation under the design studio Super Union, led by creative director Mark Wood, who partnered with Evri Tracking UK. The name change from Hermes to Evri carries a unique story behind it. The studio aimed to represent the company as inclusive, catering to everyone, every parcel, and every place. Hence, they chose the name “Evri,” phonetically spelling “every,” symbolizing inclusivity and comprehensive service. This transition signifies Evri’s commitment to providing exceptional delivery services to its customers, ensuring convenience and reliability with every parcel sent or received.


Evri stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in the world of parcel delivery. With its comprehensive range of services and commitment to customer satisfaction, it has established itself as a reliable partner for individuals and businesses alike. Whether it’s tracking parcels in real-time or offering flexible delivery options, it continues to set the standard for excellence in the industry.

As Evri continues to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its customers, one thing remains constant: its dedication to providing top-quality delivery services with a focus on convenience, reliability, and affordability. With Evri, sending and receiving parcels has never been easier, and customers can trust that their packages are in safe hands every step of the way.


According to Evri’s website, its service is running well with no disruptions reported.

As per a post on the UK eBay Community, Evri’s online tracking is typically very accurate.

Currently, Evri does not offer the option to schedule specific delivery times. However, you can track your parcel’s progress in real-time to anticipate its arrival.

You can reach Evri’s customer service team by calling 0330 808 5456. Advisors are available 24/7, Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm, and Saturday from 8am to 2pm.