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Are you searching for the best way to track your Estafeta shipments? Look no further than Estafeta Tracking on our website. Our platform offers a smooth and efficient tracking system, ensuring you stay informed about the whereabouts of your packages in real-time. Whether you’re sending or receiving parcels, rely on our website’s tracking to provide you with accurate updates and simplify your logistics experience.

How can I track my Estafeta package?

Tracking your Estafeta package is simple! First things, you’ll need your tracking number handy. Here are some quick steps:

  • Find your tracking number: Usually provided by the sender, whether you’re shopping online or receiving something.
  • Enter your tracking number: Head over to our website and enter your tracking number in the designated field.
  • Hit enter: You’ll instantly get updates on your package’s current location and estimated delivery time.

What is an Estafeta tracking number and how does it work?

An Estafeta tracking number is a unique identifier assigned to your Estafeta package, allowing you to monitor its journey from sender to recipient. Think of it as your package’s most important part. Each tracking number is packed with information, detailing its origin, destination, and current whereabouts.

Where can I find my Estafeta tracking number and its format?

Estafeta tracking numbers are typically 10 digits long and can be found on your shipping label or confirmation email. Keep an eye out for a string of numbers, usually located near a barcode. Once you’ve got your tracking number, simply enter it into our tracking tool, and you are all set. You’re one step closer to keeping tabs on your package’s journey.

Estafeta Tracking

Transit Time

Estafeta is a Mexican courier company renowned for its efficient shipping and logistics services. Whether you’re sending a package domestically or internationally, Estafeta promises swift delivery. On average, international packages reach their destination within 3 business days, though delivery times may vary depending on your package’s destination.

Estafeta delivery service types

Estafeta offers a range of delivery services tailored to suit your needs. From next-day delivery to standard shipping, there’s an option for every timeline and budget. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Next-Day Service: Guaranteed delivery the next business day after contracting the service.
  • Two-Day Service: Delivery within two business days.
  • Standard Shipping: Guaranteed delivery within 3 to 5 working days.

Estafeta international delivery

Need to send a package overseas? Estafeta has you covered! With routes to the United States and connections to Europe, Asia, and South America, Estafeta ensures your international shipments arrive safely and on time. Plus, with door-to-door service to select Central American countries, you can rest easy knowing your package is in good hands.

Customer Support

Do you have questions or need assistance? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Estafeta’s friendly customer support team. You can contact them via email or give them a call whether you need help tracking a package or want to inquire about their services.

  • Email: Drop a line at [email protected] for quick and convenient assistance.
  • Phone: Give a call at +52 1-800-378-2338 to speak directly with knowledgeable representatives.


Estafeta tracking service provides the best experience for customers eagerly awaiting their packages. With a user-friendly interface and straightforward tracking process, monitoring your shipment’s journey is easy. Whether you’re sending documents domestically or packages internationally, Estafeta’s efficient transit times ensure timely delivery, meeting the needs of both individuals and businesses alike.

Furthermore, Estafeta’s commitment to customer satisfaction shines through their diverse delivery options and reliable customer support. From next-day delivery for urgent shipments to standard shipping for cost-effective solutions, Estafeta caters to a variety of shipping needs. And with dedicated customer support via email and phone, assistance is always just a click or call away. With Estafeta, you can trust that your package is in good hands, allowing you to relax and await its arrival with confidence.