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Tracking your Boxberry delivery is now easier than ever! With our convenient online tracking tool, you can access real-time information about your package with just a few clicks. Simply enter your Boxberry tracking number and follow your parcel’s journey from where it started to where it’s headed, whether it’s moving within Russia or crossing borders. Stay in the loop with clear updates on its current location, estimated delivery date, and any possible delays.

How can I track my Boxberry shipment?

Tracking your Boxberry shipment is easy with our user-friendly online tracking system. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting a delivery or simply want to keep tabs on your package’s progress, Boxberry provides you with the tools to stay informed every step of the way. With just a few simple steps, you can access real-time updates on the whereabouts of your shipment, ensuring peace of mind and timely delivery. Here’s how you can track your Boxberry shipment:

  • Find Your Tracking Number: Locate your Boxberry tracking number on your shipping confirmation email or receipt provided by Boxberry. It’s typically a unique alphanumeric code assigned to your package.
  • Enter Your Tracking Number: Once you’ve found your Boxberry tracking number, head over to our website, look for the tracking section, and enter your tracking number into the designated field.
  • Track Your Shipment: After entering your Boxberry tracking number, hit the “Track” button. You’ll then be provided with detailed information about your shipment, including its current location, estimated delivery date, and any relevant updates along its journey.

Boxberry Tracking Number

Tracking a package with Boxberry involves using a unique identification code assigned to each shipment. This tracking number is important for your parcel, allowing you to monitor its journey from the moment it’s dispatched to its final destination. With this tracking number, you gain access to real-time updates on the whereabouts of your package, including its current location, estimated delivery time, and any significant status changes along the way.

To find your Boxberry tracking number, you can check your shipping confirmation email or receipt provided by Boxberry. The Boxberry tracking number is usually prominently displayed among other essential details related to your shipment. It typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers, uniquely identifying your package.

Boxberry Tracking

What are the average delivery times for Boxberry shipments?

If you’re sending something within Russia, it usually takes between 1 to 3 days for your package to reach its destination, depending on how far it needs to travel. For international shipments, it might take a little longer, usually around 7 to 14 days, depending on where it’s going and any customs checks along the way.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Boxberry goes above and beyond to ensure that your experience is nothing short of exceptional. Their knowledgeable team is always ready to help and address any concerns you may have along the way. Whether you’re inquiring about a shipment, need assistance with tracking, or simply have a question about their services, Boxberry’s customer service team is here to make your experience as smooth as possible. Here’s how you can get in touch with Boxberry’s customer service team:

  • Company phone number: 8 (343) 385-87-24

About Boxberry

Boxberry is a Russian shipping company that’s been around since 2010, and it’s been growing ever since. They started with just 70 delivery points across Russia, mainly focusing on delivering stuff from online shops. Then, in 2011, they started dealing with international shipments, making it easier for folks to get stuff from abroad. Over time, Boxberry added more services like courier delivery in 2013, and they even began accepting packages from regular people in 2014. By teaming up with Yandex. In 2015, they expanded even more, and now they’ve got over 1,000 delivery points all over the place, constantly adding new cities and partners.

Once upon a time in Moscow, Boxberry started making sure packages got where they needed to go quickly. They built sorting centers and had lots of delivery trucks to keep things running smoothly. Boxberry doesn’t just deliver locally; they also ship stuff to nearby countries like Armenia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. They even teamed up with big online shops to make sure everyone gets top-notch service.


With Boxberry Tracking, your package is easy and convenient to track. With their simple tracking tools, you can always know where your package is. Plus, Boxberry’s delivery services are quick and reliable, so you’ll get your package right on time. And if you ever need help or have questions, their friendly customer service team is there to assist you every step of the way.